# Branding design

Apex Scientific

Alongside the Digitlab team, I acted as designer for the rebrand of Apex Scientific, suppliers of laboratory equipment.The branding is Inspired by microscopic cells & chromosomal structures. This motif lent a sense of relevance to - and reverence for - our advances in the scientific world.This project included logo design & animation, an expanded corporate identity, 3D spatial design, and publication design via a branding guide.

# Motion Design

Madaster Motion Design

Expanding the branding for Madaster, I created a logo animation & signature sound design for video content. This short but impactful piece makes for a memorable first-and-last impression.Motion design took simple vector shapes, some key effects layers for rounding corners, and motion curves to create this fluid motion. Its extra satisfying in 4K 60fps.For sound, I sampled and mixed 8 unique sources. Several layers of atmospherics and impacts create an organic, sharp and modern announcement for the brand.

# Branding & CONTENT

Digitlab Branding

Social content can be draining and boring. But if you really care, it can be transformed into an artform that audiences really engage with. While at Digitlab, I worked on select social content pieces.

# Vector illustration


A series of illustrations intended to practice my vector art skills. It is centered around a world-building exercise, an underwater region that is undergoing exploration and exploitation.It involved several studies of isometric landscapes built with a layering technique that simulates atmospheric depth, as well as complex 2D drawings of 3D structures. That geodesic dome was a fun puzzle to put together.

Assorted Excerpts

More coming soon

Hey! I'm Ruben Dantuma, a South African designer.I have an extensive history working for big and small clients, from corporate branding, UX design, giant publications, motion design and beyond. I believe creativity should be purpose driven, timeless and above all, exciting. You can download a larger portfolio of work here.Outside of independent design & photography as STUDIO DANTU, I work at Digitlab as a multimedia designer.

Btech Cum Laude Graphic Design
5+ years agency / freelance experience
Probably knows your software
+English, ~Esperanto, ~Afrikaans
Positive & honest team ethic
AI < Human Intelligence

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